October 2, 2019


Breakfast and Registration


Co-Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Stephanie Accuosti, Associate General Counsel – Compliance, Weatherford
  • Ellen Smith, Executive Counsel, Trade Compliance, Baker Hughes, a GE company


Opening Keynote: Lessons Learned and Cautionary Tales from the Prosecutors Point of View

As the lead prosecutors for one of the biggest corruption scandals prosecuted out of this District, Dennis R. Kihm and Suzanne Elmilady, will kick off the event by sharing their unique perspectives investigating and litigating foreign bribery cases and other high profile prosecutions. They will share an invaluable viewpoint as prosecutors and provide valuable insight as to DOJ policy and prosecution of corruption cases, not only in the District, but nationwide.

  • Suzanne Elmilady, Assistant United States Attorney, White Collar Crime Coordinator, Major Fraud Division, U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of Texas
  • Dennis R. Kihm, Trial Attorney, Criminal Division, Fraud Section, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Unit, U.S. Department of Justice


5 Years Later, Another Day in the Life of a Compliance Officer-How is Tomorrow Different from Yesterday?

Do we always know why we do what we do? Or are there processes or activities that you do but aren’t really sure why you do them? Are there things that are no longer necessary but you do them because it’s “always been that way”? Are there newer practices that have become standard? Can you eliminate outdated expenses, or should you reallocate resources to newer practices that promise more value for the compliance dollar? During this session take a look at the ways in which the day-to-day life of the compliance officer has changed in the last five years and whether you should reevaluate where you focus your time and resources.

  • Mauricio Almar, Chief Regional Compliance Counsel & Senior Counsel, Halliburton
  • Marianne Ibrahim, Director of Global Compliance, Baker Hughes, a GE company
  • John J. Sardar, Chief Compliance Officer, Noble Energy, Inc.

In conversation with:

  • David Alan Rassin, Senior Counsel – International; Director of Ethics and Compliance, Patterson-UTI


Morning Networking & Refreshment Break


FCPA and Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement/Compliance for High-Risk Markets- Right-Sized Approaches for Achieving Best in Class Compliance

Having an exhaustive FCPA compliance program isn’t enough. There is an increasing number of foreign anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws which leads to an increase in costly investigations and even prosecutions around the world. Foreign jurisdictions are taking a variety of measures to ensure their anti-corruption laws but are you protected? Hear from a panel of experts, each representing a different high-risk region of the world. Understand the nuances, intricacies of cultural relativism and the unpredictable nature of these regions in order to gain practical and country-specific strategies to mitigate risks. Uncover the full risks and even potential opportunities of international enforcement. Hear real examples of multi-jurisdictional enforcement and outcomes including the ways to protect yourself amid lack of coordination and differing demands.

  • Sara McCarthy, Regional Compliance Counsel for North America and MENA, Halliburton
  • Deanna Newcomb, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, VP Internal Audit, Cheniere Energy, Inc.
  • Natalia Shehadeh, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, TechnipFMC

In conversation with:

  • Jeffery B. Vaden, Partner, Bracewell


Roundtable Sessions: Peer-to Peer Learning and Benchmarking

During this time attendees will be offered the opportunity to break out into smaller roundtable discussions to engage in more intimate discussion to benchmark with your peers on the topics that appeal most to you. Topics will run simultaneously so please select one topic per segment.

  • FCPA, Data Privacy…But What is the Next Big Thing to Keep Us Up at Night?
  • New Country Risk Assessment: A Compliance Officer’s Guide to New Market Entry in the Oil & Gas Sector
    • – Moderator: David Alan Rassin, Senior Counsel – International; Director of Ethics and Compliance, Patterson-UTI
  • Navigating the Complex World of Global Sanctions
  • Building a Proactive Compliance Culture: How Regtech Innovations in Will Help Your People Help You
  • – Moderator: Caroline Taylor – Co-founder and CEO, Permitintel




What Would you Do…Modeling Behaviors and Responses to High Pressure Situations

Don’t forget to protect yourself! Often times compliance professionals are under intense pressure because they are presented with or witness to something that they know may not be “in compliance” or due to the ambiguity of the situation it may deem very risky. During this session the audience and panelists will be presented with a few different scenarios for you to be able to model the best way to navigate these situations, protecting yourself and the organization

  • Michael Donnella, Corporate Compliance Officer, Murphy Oil Corporation


Economic Sanctions and Export Controls-Navigating Uncertainty and Ensuring Compliance with a Moving Target

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain global compliance ecosystem, how can you ensure you have a system in place to respond to the ever-changing rules, regulations and controls? How to deal with secondary sanctions? Explore up to the minute changes in global sanctions, regulations, enforcement in key regions throughout the world with a specific focus on Russia, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea. What are some ways the panel of experts have ensured that they have a program in place to ensure real-time adjustments and agility to constantly changing rules as well as a way to navigate the lack of clarity or ambiguity?

  • Martine Caillaud, Ethics & Compliance Officer, Senior Counsel, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
  • Kevin Colby, General Counsel, Gowell International LLC


From Cost Center to Value Enabler- Ingraining Compliance into the DNA of the Organization

The role of the senior compliance executive has evolved to be in more areas of the business than anyone would have ever foreseen. However, still seen as the cost center of the business, compliance often can help the business achieve goals and save them from financial ruin. During this session, we explore how can you articulate the value you have driven to the organization by preventing a lawsuit or lengthy global investigation, or loss of personal data? How do you measure the “return on prevention”? How do you quantify a business case for compliance spend? Gain an understanding of the proven strategies for winning over the hearts and minds of the organization.

  • Andrew J. Baird, Global Lead Ombudsperson and Compliance Counsel, Baker Hughes, a GE company
  • Garrett Cornelison, Chief Compliance Officer, Quanta Services
  • Leigh Anne Leinen, Acting VP Compliance, Americas-Ethics & Compliance, BHP Billiton
  • Sergio V. Leal, Compliance Officer, Bilfinger North America Inc.


Afternoon Refreshment Break


Interaction with the Board of Directors: From Information Sharing and Communication to Buy-In, Engagement & Support

During this point/counterpoint discussion benefit from the rare opportunity to hear directly from both senior compliance officers and members of the board as you benefit from a discussion that will present both perspectives and insider tips to ensure buy-in from the top while maintaining engagement and support in the middle. Uncover the ways to balance sharing too much or not enough information, what are they looking for and what are you providing? What questions are being asked and how can you prepare ahead of time? How can you effectively gain buy-in and interaction with the board? During this unique session remove some of the uncertainty and uncover the dos and don’ts to ensure that each side is providing what the other needs.

  • Sergio V. Leal, Compliance Officer, Bilfinger North America Inc.
  • Ryan Rabalais, Ethics and Compliance Officer Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemical, Inc.


Data Privacy and Security Beyond GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect, causing companies near and far to re-evaluate how they manage personal data. The California Consumer Protection Act passed into California law on June 28th of 2018 and will go into effect 2020 is one of the most sweeping acts of legislation enacted by a U.S. state to bolster consumer privacy. During this session, we explore the current global landscape of data privacy regulations. Even if the current regulations do not impact you today, most experts agree this will mark the beginning of more stricter privacy protections all over the globe. What can you do to take a more holistic look at data privacy across the organization and utilize risk based analytics to develop a program that will protect and hit any current and future requirements.

  • Robert Brown, Data Privacy and Compliance Counsel, Halliburton
  • Kathlynn L. Self, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer & Data Protection Officer, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.
  • Jessica Rivera-Rudak, Senior Corporate Attorney, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.


Outside of the Box Compliance- Innovative Training Methods and Strategies to Ensure Continuity of Compliance Everywhere you have a Global Footprint

With diminishing resources and budget coupled with the fact that you may have employees in remote regions (i.e. oil rigs or challenging geographies) training is very complex but crucially important to ensure full compliance. The panelists will discuss how they have tackled these issues head-on and found effective ways to implement company-wide training in difficult regions or locations, limited resources or partnered with different business units to execute training programs. Explore how they have conducted risk-based analysis to determine which areas are going to be the areas to prioritize ahead of the rest. Furthermore, understand how new and advanced technologies can fill your training gap.

  • Lara D. Hajjar, Assistant General Counsel, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.
  • Christopher E. Tierney, Senior Counsel – Compliance, Bechtel


Co-Chair’s Closing Commentary and The Oil & Gas Compliance Forum Concludes
  • Stephanie Accuosti, Associate General Counsel – Compliance, Weatherford
  • Ellen Smith, Executive Counsel, Trade Compliance, Baker Hughes, a GE company

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Networking Cocktail Reception